Setup Report

 Skinny / Mushroomhead

Photo Place:The Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles  /  2006 Oct. 17

Artstar Custom *

Color : Titanium Silver

H/W Color : Black

* This model is currently unavailable.

a 18"x22" Bass Drum
b 18"x22" Bass Drum
c 5.5"x14" Starclassic Maple Snare (SMS1455FTH)
d 8"x8" Tom Tom
e 10"x12 Tom Tom
f 9"x10" Tom Tom
g 16"x18" Floor Tom
Iron Cobra Power Glide Single Pedal(HP900P)



Skinny's Tama Artstar Custom maple kit in Titanium finish with black hardware, set up on a customized Tama rack.

A view of his kit from behind the throne.
Note the unconventional way his rack toms are arranged.

Skinny's 5.5"x14" Starclassic Maple snare.

His 8"x8" rack tom.

Skinny's 10"x12" rack tom.
As you can see on clearly the 12" tom, Skinny uses internal microphones on his toms and bass drums.

His 9"x10" rack tom.

His 16"x18" floor tom.

Skinny's 18"x22" bass drums and Iron Cobra Power Glide pedals.
He uses a Tama cable hat to keep the hi-hat pedal close, mounting the cymbals off his rack.

The right side of Skinny's "double-braced" customized Tama rack.
He mounts his cymbals off the upper bar, and his toms off the lower one.

The left side of his rack.

Another view of the left side of Skinny's rack.
Here you can see how he mounts the top part of his cable hat, using cut sections of piping to position everything just right.