The History of IRON COBRA

This is one of the first prototypes of IRON COBRA. The look is considerably different from that of current IRON COBRA models. But some of its characteristic features were a part of this early model, such as the beater head and bearing-type spring roller. We then got rid of the less useful features on the prototype and kept adding adjustments and functions until it evolved into the first IRON COBRA.

This first generation of IRON COBRA made its debut in 1993. Though the footboard design remained the same as previous TAMA pedals, we introduced a lot of new features that allowed players to adjust the pedal to their individual preference. That adjustability became the main theme for Iron Cobra pedals, and continues to be so to this day. At that point, we introduced both a professional and a standard model pedal. The professional model included all the features we developed, while the standard model contained only the basic features in order to offer a more affordable price. But we offered additional parts for the standard model so that consumers could easily upgrade their pedal to the higher version.

In 1998, 5 years after IRON COBRA's introduction, the second generation of pedals was released. We changed the primary color from silver to black for a more solid and powerful image. This model achieved higher stability with the Para-Clamp II and smoother action by adopting an Oiles®Bearing Hinge. Also in the first generation, one of the biggest features was the adjustability, which allowed drummers to tailor the pedal to their own preference. Building on that, the second generation pursued the perfection of each detailed part to create the most precise mechanism possible.

This is the 2011 IRON COBRA. In addition to the popular "Cobra Coil" which we introduced a few years ago, we have adopted a new bearing housing and a thicker diameter Oiles®Bearing Hinge. These improvements make the latest model even smoother and stronger. We also redesigned the footboard both for visual appeal and to offer drummers a smoother playing surface for sliding and other pedal techniques.

For 2013, we are proud to release the all new IRON COBRA 600 series bass drum pedal. The pedal's innovative "Duo Glide" feature allows you to easily switch between our Power Glide and Rolling Glide cam shapes with a single adjustment. The IRON COBRA 600 is a double chain drive pedal for power and durability, but retains a light feel because of the Duo Glide's resin composition. We also adopted a newly designed footboard hinge and Speedo-Ring for smooth, precise action.

This photograph shows the evolution of the beater. On the far left is the original prototype beater. As you can see in this photo, we had already conceived of the idea that the beater angle should be adjustable to the bass drum head. The center beater is from the first generation IRON COBRA. In addition to the angle adjustment, we made it possible to change out the beater head. And on the right is the current IRON COBRA beater. We changed the beater head frame from metal to resin to make it more lightweight, and also created a new method for attaching the beater head to the shaft.