Production since Mar.2011
No. Model No. Description
1 SHB686P Tension bolt w/ 2pcs of washer (M6x86mm, 2pcs/set) w/O-ring for14inch depth
MS6110P Tension bolt w/ 2pcs of washer (M6x110mm, 2pcs/set) w/O-ring for 16inch depth
1-1 MW620 Metal washer (20pcs/set)
1-2 ORNG12 O-ring (bottom side tension bolt only, 12pcs/set)
2 BDCH Claw hook
3 BDLUG Lug for bass drum w/mounting screws
4 BDADPS Adapter for stand & carrier  (for 14" & 16" bass drum)
BDADPM Adapter for carrier (for 18" to 22" bass drum)
BDADPL Adapter for carrier  (for 24" to 28" bass drum)
4-1 MH58 Marching Hinge Axis( M5x8)
5* BDADPM Adapter for stand (for 18" to 28" bass drum)
*14" & 16" bass drums do not come with BDADPM.
6 MBH14R BKL 14" bass drum hoop
MBH16R BKL 16" bass drum hoop
MBH18R BKL 18" bass drum hoop
MBH20R BKL 20" bass drum hoop
MBH22R BKL 22" bass drum hoop
MBH24R BKL 24" bass drum hoop
MBH26R BKL 26" bass drum hoop
MBH28R BKL 28" bass drum hoop
MBH30R BKL 30" bass drum hoop
  ※Only BKL(Black luster) color.
(Sticker) TLS80WH White TAMA logo sticker
TLS80BK Black TAMA logo sticker