IMPORTANT NOTICE to Tama 1st Chair Drum Throne Users

throne Some bolts affixing the seat to the upper threaded rod on some Tama 1st Chair drum thrones made between April 2004 and April 2006, may need to be replaced because they can wear out prematurely, become deformed or break, and the seat can come apart.

* * Model Numbers that are possibly affected:
Drum Thrones: HT741 / HT730 / HT730S / HT530 / HT530C / HT440 / HT430
Individual Throne Seat: HTS7 / HTS5 / HTS5C / HTS4N




Picture 1

* * Description and Location of Bolts:
The bolts are located on the underside of the seat as shown in Picture 1. 

Picture 2

The bolts subject to this Notice have threads from the hex head to the tip, and they have no markings or stamps on the top of the hex head.  Picture 2 shows what the bolt looks like.

Picture 3

If the bolts installed in your 1st Chair drum throne have markings on the top of the hex head or if they do not have threads the full length of the bolt, they are not affected by this Notice. Picture 3 shows examples of bolts that need not be replaced.

Providing the highest quality, most durable and most dependable drum equipment has always been the hallmark of Tama Hardware. We deeply regret that one component of our 1st Chair Thrones has not met this standard, and we apologize for any inconvenience that this problem may have caused.

* * If you think you need replacement bolts or if you have questions, please contact the following distributor.