joey waronker interview with joey waronker
TAMA: What snare stand were you using before the HS700W?
Waronker: I had been using the Tama HS80R snare stand.

TAMA: How does the Swiveling Basket add to the adjustability of your snare stand?
Waronker: It's great! Especially live. If the sweet spot is kind of in a weird place, you can easily move the drum around to find a better place for the stick to hit. You can also get the snare strainer out of the way if that's a problem.

TAMA: How do you compare this feature to those on other models?
Waronker: I've never seen this feature on a snare stand. I think it's great. You don't have to lift the entire stand to swivel the drum around.

TAMA: What do you like best about our new Omni-Ball Mounting System?
Waronker: I like to adjust the snare stand to exactly where I want it - whether it be at a slight angle or completely flat - and this is perfect for doing that. With previous models, there seemed to be a fixed angle for adjustments, which limited the amount of movement I had. This stand eliminates that problem.

TAMA: Do you feel it gives you the mobility you need?
Waronker: Absolutely! It works really smoothly. You don't feel like your working hard to make the adjustments.

TAMA: The Escape Claws are designed to promote resonance in the snare. Is this feature more beneficial in the studio or live?
Waronker: I, for one, never clamp down my snares too tight. In live situations, where things are rushed and I don't have my usual drum tech, the first thing I do is check the snare basket. So for me, they are a godsend whether it be live or in the studio. You get so much more power out of the snare drum when it's not locked in there.

TAMA: What do you like best about the new HS700W?
Waronker: I would have to say, over all, I can't pick just one thing. The Omni-Ball is definitely something I've been wanting, and the basket opens wider than most snare stands which I really like too. The Escape Claws are also a great feature. I think this is a vast improvement in general, and I'm pretty stoked!
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